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Basic Features
High Performance Open-Source Game Engine
Multi-Platform Install ( Mac + Win )
Basic Game Components / Actions
Collision Shape Editor
Dynamic Expressions
One Click Play Testing
Custom Plugin SDK
SpriteSheet Animation Editor
GPU Accelerated Rendering (Starling)
Built-In Physics Engine (Nape)
SWF Asset Importer
Game Object Cloning
Particle Effects
Multi-Touch Support
Game Controller Support (Ouya/Xbox360/PS3)
Custom Code Base Layer
Performance Profiling ( Adobe Scout)
Custom Splash Screen
Game Types (Isometric 2.5D + Basic 2D)
Multiple Platform Profiles
Multi-Resolution Support (Scaling)
Platform / Device Publishing
Publishing (Flash/Web Only)
Publishing (Flash/Web, iOS, Android, Ouya, All)
Native Device Extensions Support
Easy Direct To Device Deployment
*On-Device Game Viewer
Additional Included/Purchasable Content
Game Examples
Platformer Plugin
In-App Purchases (iOS/Android)
iAds Plugin (iOS)
Admob Plugin (iOS/Android)
*Game Center / Google Play Plugin (iOS/Android)
*Push Notifications (iOS/Android)
*Facebook Plugin (iOS/Android/Web)
OUYA Plugin (IAP & Storage)
Spine 2D Skeletal Animation Plugin
Chartboost Ads Plugin
$19.99 / One-Time
Multiplayer Plugin (Player.IO)
$49.99 / One-Time
$49.99 / one-time
Casual Game Mechanics Plugin (RoarEngine)
$49.99 / One-Time
+ Roar License Fee
$49.99 / One-Time
+ Roar License Fee
+ Roar License Fee
Additional Benefits
Commercial Use
Free Frequent Upgrades
Free 1st Party Pro Plugins (iAds, Mulitplayer)
Free GameBuilder Tv Pro Content
Free Pro Tutorial Content / Game Templates
Priority Tech Support
Early Access To New Builds
$0.00 / FREE $99.99 / One-Time $199.99 / Yearly
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Note: ( * ) Features are in the works...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I deploy my games to the iOS platform if I am on Windows?

Yes, you can package and deploy your final game to an iOS device on a Windows machine. This requires iTunes be installed. You can’t do this with any other platform.

Do I have to register with the Apple Developer program to build iOS games?

Yes, you must register with Apple and create iOS certificates and provisioning profiles. Enroll here

What is the refund policy?

There is a free version of GBS so utilize it to evaluate the tool. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase contact us within 15 days and we will issue a refund.

Do I need a Mac to submit to the Apple store?

Yes, you need a mac to upload your final .IPA file to Apple via the Application Loader application. You can borrow a mac or rent one from services like Macincloud once you have your generated .IPA file from GameBuilder Studio. You can test your iOS game on your device without a mac however.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. If you need an alternative means contact us for support

Can I use the Free version to make money?

Yes, the free version can be used for commercial purposes.

Can I start with the Free version and then upgrade to the paid version with the same project file?