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    Multi-Resolution "No Edge" Scaling. Specify your game images at different scales & let GBs handle the rest!

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    Multi-Resolution Scaling

    Publish Across Multiple Screen Sizes & Resolutions From One Project File.

  • Hungry Hero Cross Platform Game Slider BG

    Make Games For The Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, & Browser.


    Re-Create The Hungry Hero iPad Game Designed By Harshma from Adobe

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    Integrate 2D Skeletal Animations In Your Games with Interchangeable Body Parts and Skinned Meshes with Ease!

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    GameBuilder Studio Spine Plugin

    NEW Spine Skeletal Animations, Animation Mixing, & Procedural Bone Manipulation

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    Develop Multiplayer Games without writing a line of client or server side code!

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    GameBuilder Studio Multiplayer Plugin

    NEW Register Users, Join Rooms, Send / Receive Messages, & Store Remote Data

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    Add Game Controller Support To Your 2D Games & Deploy To The Ouya Console With Ease.

    GameBuilder Studio Supported Controllers

    Game Console Controller Support (PS4, PS3, Ouya, Xbox360)

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    Live Reload Assets After Import. Saves A Lot Of Time!

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    GameBuilder Studio Supported Controllers

    Instantly Updated In-Editor When Asset File Is Saved

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    Add Polish To Your Games Using Custom Bitmap Fonts.

    GameBuilder Studio Supported Controllers

    Create Dynamic Text Using A Bitmap Font Sheet

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Build High Performance Cross Platform 2D Games Using A Drag & Drop Editor

Create Games Faster Than Writing Native Code!

Multiple Device Publishing

Create one project and publish to the web or multiple devices at once. Generates native install files (.APK, .IPA, .EXE etc.) from one project. Built on the Adobe AIR compiler.

Vector & Multi-Resolution Support

Use SWF vector animations / artwork that render on every platform. Or use image assets at multiple resolutions (1x, 2x, 3x) and let GBS handle scaling on different devices.

Write Custom Code (If You Prefer)

If you are a coder use GBs for visual layout and access everything created in the editor via code. Our underlying game engine is open-source. (PRO Only)

Get It Free!

This is the ONLY platform that enables you to develop iOS games on Windows

  More GameBuilder Features 

Fast 2D Skeletal Animations w/ Spine

We have the tightest integration with the new 2D Skeletal animation system called Spine. Save graphics memory and gain additional flexibility with your game art. Swap out character body parts, and mix and match animations all on the fly using game actions.

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GameBuilder Studio Multiplayer Plugin

Create Multiplayer Games Without Writing A Line Of Code

Leverage the Yahoo Networks server infrastructure and build in multiplayer features into your game. We've made the process as simple as possible. Upload a pre-built server file onto your Yahoo account and have the multiplayer plugin match players, join shared rooms, and send properties to all connected players just by triggering a game action. Even save game data to a remote no sql database using key value pairs.

High Performance 2D Game Engine

GameBuilder Studio is built on the highly optimized open source 2D rendering engine known as Starling. We cross compile to different platforms using the first in class award winning Adobe AIR compiler. We leverage the highest performance physics and GPU accelerated rendering frameworks under the hood. Making your games run blazingly fast across all major web browsers and native mobile platforms.


Multi-layer Development Stack

Working in a team? Develop on different layers with GameBuilder Studio. Designers can leverage the highest level of the GameBuilder development stack, which is our visual tool. Programmers can leverage the second layer and move between both layers to grab full control of the final game code. This is the best hybrid game development solution. You can access everything created visually in-editor by reference via code. You can even completely alter the startup sequence and flow of your game via code. The editor generates game code and outputs everything in-editor to xml files.

Extend The Editor With Plugins

GameBuilder Studio uses one of the best enterprise level ui development frameworks (Flex) for its UI. You can write engine components in AS3 and create your own custom properties panel using Apache Flex and custom Spark Skinning. Have you developed a custom particle engine or animation system? Develop a completely custom integrated ui panel for it with ease.


Open Source Game Engine

No need to wait on us. If there is something you need added to GameBuilder Studio develop a custom plugin yourself. Found a minor bug in the underlying game engine, then submit a report or fix it and submit a change request to us via Github. The GameBuilder Engine is open-source and publicly accessible.

What Are People Saying?

"We extensively compared the vast array of game engines out there before selecting GameBuilder Studio. The powerful functionality of GBS is combined with an incredible ease of use. GBS has greatly simplified the development process for us, which has allowed our team to focus on the gameplay, story, and art of Star Guardians."

- Brad, Producer of Star Guardians