Marketplace Product details:

Name:  Multiplayer Plugin

Version:  v1.0

Price:  $49.99 (FREE w/ PRO Plan)


Create multiplayer games using the (now Yahoo Games Network) service. The plugin currently supports three main features of the service. Multiplayer, Big DB data storage, and Simple Users for registration and logging in of game players. You can do so much with this plugin from creating an in-game chat to a complete realtime multiplayer game experience.

It comes with documentation to get you started, sample projects for basic multiplayer tiles, match making, and turn based games like tic tac toe. The sample projects demonstrate how to connect to rooms, register players, and save data remotely to Big DB NoSQL database. You will be up and running with a multiplayer game in no time. This may be the first time multiplayer games have been this easy to create. There is no server side or client side code required. We provide the bundled server code for you. The server source code is written in C# and is included if you are a programmer.


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