Importing A Sprite Sheet From Texture Packer

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Posted by Lavon on March 24, 2013

Texture packer is currently one of the easiest ways to import sprite sheets into GameBuilder Studio. You can also use swf animations. The great news is that Texture Packer is FREE! There is also a pro version with additional features.

Texture Packer Interface

Animation Frames

All animation frames need to be seperated into individual images. It is important to name the images in sequential order because the order of the list is going to be the order of frames that you reference in GBS.

Exporting For GBS

Importing into GBS requires a json-array file along with the spritesheet image in the .PNG file format.

Importing into GBS

To import into GBS just go to the Assets tab and click the browse button. Select the Json-Array file that you exported from Texture Packer and the spritesheet image will automatically be imported for you and a special asset type will be created. If you drag and drop this asset onto the scene a new entity will be created with the spritesheet already wired up with the required components. Then all you need to do is setup the animation component to define which frames consist of different animations. In a future tutorial we will show you how to pre-define the animations for the spritesheet by double clicking on the spritesheet asset and defining animations in the Asset editor.

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