Develop Multiplayer Games Without Code and Accept In App Payments in v0.9.4

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Posted by Lavon on May 14, 2014

The Multiplayer plugin has finally been released! Develop multiplayer games using the popular backend service which is now known as Yahoo Games Network. Multiplayer functionality works the same way across all web and mobile platforms supported by GameBuilder Studio.

This may be the first time anyone is able to develop multiplayer games without having to write any client or server side code. We have provided a number of pre-built multiplayer server types for general multiplayer gaming, match making, and turn based games like words with friends. Everything is built for you. You just have to listen for server events and send and receive messages between connected players.

Leverage the Google Admob ad network on both iOS and Android with the new Admob plugin. Another method of monetizing your games would be to accept credit card payments. This is now possible with the new In-App Purchase plugin. It works across Android and iOS.  The variances and requirements for each native platform are all taken care of for you in one action.

Multiplayer Gaming Using Yahoo Games Network

Multiplayer Gaming IMAGE

There are a number of example projects and extensive documentation that comes with this plugin for you to get started. Multiplayer gaming can be complicated enough with the technical requirements of setting up servers and network programming not to mention just wrapping your head around building a game for multiple players.

We've removed the technical barriers and made this as easy as possible. Setup a Yahoo Game Services account, upload the server code we have provided and start connecting players to multiplayer rooms. All the server code is provided so you can expand upon it to build custom game servers if needed. The server code is written in C#. To run the demo projects that come with this plugin register two new users using the login form so that you can test with two browser windows open side by side or on separate computers. There is a tutorial series being developed based on this plugin as well.

The Multiplayer plugin is on sale today for everyone including free users, $199 PRO plan license subscribers of GameBuilder Studio get this plugin for free!

In-App Purchase Plugin (iOS & Android)

In-App Purchase Plugin IMAGE

Monetizing your games is a top priority. You have to get paid for your hard work right? Start building in mobile payments into your game through Apple and Google billing services on mobile devices. On Android devices players can even make payments using their cell phone bill.

Provide your game for free with banner ads and then allow players to unlock upgrades or get rid of the ads by purchasing an in-app item. This is probably the number one way that mobile games are monetizing today. There is a lot of pre-setup that is required for both iOS and Android and we have documented the process for you in the In-App Purchase plugin guide. This plugin comes bundled with the PRO version of GameBuilder Studio. There are also a number of tutorials on our tutorials page related to all the pre-setup that needs to be done before you can start to test In-App purchases.

Admob Ad Network Plugin (iOS & Android)

Admob Plugin IMAGE

Leverage the powerful Google ad network by displaying banner ads and interstitials in your games. It uses the latest SDK from Google so it can be used on both iOS and Android devices. This plugin is also bundled with the PRO version of GameBuilder Studio.

Local Data Storage

Local Storage IMAGE

Saving game data for your players can be very important to the user experience. Maybe you want to keep track of a high score or just keep track of where your player left off. Make sure to trigger a local storage action before the application exits by listening for a system event on a Rules component then triggering a Local Storage action. Pass an entire Data Container component to this action and it will save all properties to the local device for you. This works online and on mobile devices. Keep in mind that their is a memory limit so try not to save to much information.

If you want to store data across devices or just persist the data so that the player can't remove it then use the Data storage action from the Multiplayer plugin and store data using the NoSQL Big DB service of the Yahoo Games Network.

There are a number of additional enhancements so make sure to check out the release notes below.

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Release Notes v0.9.4


  • Created Mulitplayer Plugin (Web, Android, & iOS)
  • Created Admob Plugin (Android & iOS)
  • Created In-App Purchase Plugin (Android & iOS)
  • Created Loop Action (execute an action a given number of times).
  • Created Local Storage Action (used to save data to the users machine or device locally).
  • Created Log Output Action (Good for debugging values at runtime. Trigger the TILDE "~" key to open and close console)
  • Added Custom name field to Spawn Entity action (Used to reference a spawned entity by name after creation)
  • Added Visibility toggle to object layers.
  • Added Scene view-port scroll bars.
  • Added Required input fields indicator to publish window platform forms.
  • Added Copy/Paste of actions.
  • Added Copy/Paste of components.
  • Added Build type option to project settings window (Debug allows you to launch the debug console and see log output. Use Simulate Key action firing the TILDE "~" key to open/close console window)
  • Reversed the layer stack order of objects in the layers panel. It is now top to bottom.
  • Improved Copy paste of scene objects (Previously Cmd+Ctrl+C now also use Cmd or Ctrl + C).

Most Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Null error when canceling app flow dialog.
  • Fixed Clone syncing to also sync scale of renderers.
  • Fixed Copying data over when spawning an entity.
  • Fixed Relative property and expression references in Group Actions properties window.
  • Fixed Text Renderer properties update on change regression.
  • Fixed Timer Actions to not reset if executed while running. Stop must be called to start again
  • Fixed Clearing of shortcut keys after key capture.
  • Fixed Copy paste shortcut for scene objects to use standard Command/Ctrl + C
  • Fixed Shortcut key sequence triggering.
  • Fixed Source object indicator visibility when selecting cloned objects.
  • Fixed Layer reordering in isometric scenes
  • Fixed Default splash screen resolution on iOS
  • Fixed Property browsers to display all inspect-able component properties
  • Fixed Disabled component names from having spaces in them.
  • Fixed Property type input field when changing from Color to a String value.
  • Fixed Memory leak when changing values on text renderers frequently.
  • Fixed Text Input on Android devices to trigger launch of soft keyboard properly on touch.
  • Fixed Editing of component name on new components added to cloned objects

Known Issues

  • No undo/redo in Assets panel, Action properties, or Template tab
  • No undo/redo when importing external projects
  • No undo/redo when importing external projects
  • Blend Modes do not work correctly in final game.

Whats Next?

  • Particle Engine Integration
  • Spine Skeleton Animation Importer
  • Isometric Grid Component & Path Finding Support
  • Facebook Plugin Integration
  • Game Center Plugin

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