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Published by Amos on October 5, 2017

This game is 3 types of game join together it will be looking like fifa 17. This game will have a different stages there will be 30 stages of each game all the game that will join together will be basketball,soccer,shouting game. The soccer game will be looking like fifa 18 the basketball game will be looking like Nba 2K 17 and the war game wi...

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Published by tom on October 1, 2017
first game

Welcome to the game of creating cars. In this game you will be able to destroy the car so you can change the engine, doors, body paint and other things in a car....

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Mickey Hooks is a popular mobile game with a pendulum game mechanic. The main character in the game swings across dangerous terrain by clicking and holding a pendulum block in the scene. This game mechanic can easily be re-created in GBs using the Distance Constraint component. Almost all components that are set up in the GameBuilder Studio (GBs...

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Published by Lavon on March 23, 2013
Installing GameBuilder Studio On A Mac

GameBuilder Studio (GBS) is an Adobe AIR application wrapped in native installers. You will need to download the ".DMG" file for Mac from either your dashboard or the ...

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Published by Lavon on March 24, 2013
Importing Flash SWF Vector Assets & Animations

With GameBuilder Studio (GBS) there is a particular way you have to export your swfs from Flash in order to get it to work. I will outline the export steps here. It is important to start with a blank flash project. Things can get really cluttered quickly. ...

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Published by Lavon on March 24, 2013
Importing A Sprite Sheet From Texture Packer

Texture packer is currently one of the easiest ways to import sprite sheets into GameBuilder Studio. You can also use swf animations. The great news is that ...

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