Spine Skeletal Animation Integration And Faster iOS Packager in v0.9.5

Posted on August 3, 2014

A number of users have asked if 2D games like the award winning Shank or Street Fighter could be created in GameBuilder Studio. In Shank there is gameplay where the main character jumps in the air and shoots enemies or changes weapons on the fly and slices enemies in hand to hand combat. This type of gameplay would be very difficult to create without some sort of skeletal animation system that interacts with your 2D scene. Now that Spine is officially integrated into GameBuilder Studio it is possible. If you are not familiar with Spine here is a quick intro video.

Shank Wardrobe Unlocks

it also opens up additional ways to monetize your game content by offering players unlock-able character packs and wardrobe upgrades that would be so simple to swap out on the fly while the game is running.

Spine Plugin Integration

Spine Plugin Integration

This is a pretty extensive Spine integration with support for Skinning, Animation mixing/layering, and Procedural Bone manipulation. Equip characters with different types of weapons, change a characters look and feel completely using the same skeleton and animations, and dynamically change positions or directions of bones. All of this without having to write a line of code or worry about integrating the Spine runtime into a game engine yourself.

Spine Renderer In GameBuilder Studio

The Spine renderer in GBs works with Live Reload so if you change a characters' animation, change an attachment on a character, or change the artwork in the sprite sheet file attached to the skeleton just save over the existing data files on your file system and the updates will instantly appear in the editor.

When you import your Spine skeleton into GBs and drag the asset onto your scene it will create the Spine Renderer, a Spatial, and a Sprite Sheet if one was either included in the .skel data file from Spine or in the same folder as the .skel data file with the same filename. Make sure to follow the Spine plugin guide tutorials.

We backed Spine on kickstarter last year and have watched it develop into a really great animation tool that opens up a ton of possibilities. Keep in mind that Spine skeletal animations don't only have to be used for character animations. This is a PRO user only feature.

Faster iOS Packager

Adobe AIR Faster iOS Packger Toggle

The underlying compiler has been upgraded to Adobe SDK v14.0 which comes with the new iOS packager. This reduces packaging times quite a bit. It went from 5-10 min to about 59 seconds in our tests. This new feature has to be turned on in the Publish settings window. It is still being tested so if you run into an error when packaging up your game for a mobile device with this setting turned on, just revert back to the old packager by unchecking it.

Regarding the license server connection issues some of you guys have been having while on secure networks. We apologize to those that have had issues connecting. The license server connection functionality will be changing in the next release which should be out sooner than later.

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Release Notes v0.9.5


  • Upgraded GPU Renderer to Starling v1.5.2
  • Upgraded Compiler to Adobe AIR SDK v14.0
  • Upgraded Admob Plugin to v1.1
  • Added Spine Skeleton Animation support. New Spine Renderer, Spine Animation, and Spine Skinning actions to trigger, layer animations, and change skeleton skins at runtime.
  • Added Support for faster iOS packaging 10x (Toggle on in project settings tab).
  • Added Undo/Redo support to applying collision shape settings to all collision shapes in the collision spatial properties panel.

Most Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Angular Velocity being reset to 0 when project is saved and reloaded.
  • Fixed Frame rate of sprite sheet animations when using sprite sheets with animation frames packed with other images.
  • Fixed Timer not continuously triggering when using "For" condition. Triggers every frame now "For" a certain time limit.
  • Fixed Updating of collision spatial preview area and scene object when changing renderer and collision shapes.
  • Fixed Retina display resolution on iPhone 5s devices. (You can now include Default, Default-Landscape, Default-Portrait, & Default-iPhone splash screens).
  • Fixed Background sound player component's stop method to allow resuming of audio after stopping. Also added a pause and play method.
  • Fixed Auto playing of background music when copying/pasting entities in-editor.
  • Fixed iPhone 5s retina display support. Requires a splash screen to be specified at the new device resolution.
  • Fixed Mouse down checking on Collision Spatials. Now evaluates if the mouse is also over a collision shape if renderer pixel check fails.
  • Fixed Sprite sheet frames caching bug. Cached sprite sheet properties/frames were not being released in editor.

Known Issues

  • No undo/redo in Assets panel, Action properties, or Template tab
  • No undo/redo when importing external projects
  • No undo/redo when importing external projects
  • Blend Modes do not work correctly in final game.

Whats Next?

  • Particle Engine Integration
  • Tile Map Renderer (From Tiled Editor)
  • Improved Editor Licensing
  • Multi-Resolution Support
  • Isometric Grid Component & Path Finding Support
  • Facebook Plugin Integration
  • Game Center Plugin

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