Time Shift


This Time Shit action allows you to alter the time scale of the engine. Setting this value to ".5" will slowed down the game by 50%. Setting it to 0 will pause all processes. Setting a value higher than 1 will speed up the game. It is important to note that this is a PERSISTENT action which means as long as this action is added to a trigger component (Rules Component) it will continue to execute unless there is a condition applied that evaluates to false. This value can be referenced elsewhere using an expression with a value of: "Game.Time.timeScale".

This action is very similar to the Pause Game action except that the Pause Game action automatically sets the engines time scale to 0 and allows you to turn off all sounds.

**Note - It is a good practice to apply this action to a rules component with an "Event Received" condition of "On Level Load".


The time scale value uses an expression to allow you to reference a property on another component or object or use an equation to calculate what the value should be.

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