Spawn Entity


This action will create a new instance of an existing entity and position it in the game world either relative to the worlds top left coordinate of 0,0 or relative to the origin of the entity that this action lives on. Copying a Data Components' values over to the newly created entity is powerful for customizing the new entity because the values are copied over to the new entity before any other components are created so that the values are available during entity self setup.

You could set up a Data Component on a shared entity that gets updated right before this action is executed and have this action copy the changes over to the new entity.

  • Data From - the Data Component to copy over to the new entity.
  • Data To - the Data Component that will receive the new source property values. If the properties on the source Data Component do not exist on this component it will be created at runtime.
  • Direction Angle - the rotation angle of the newly created entity. All spatials on the new entity will have their rotation property set to this value. This rotation is additive if "Relative To Entity" is checked.
  • Position - the position of the newly created entity in world space or relative to the entity.

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