Interpolate Property


This action is used to animate a property from one value to another. The property being animated needs to be a Number value and can not be a String. Assign a property reference and start and end values.

**Note: Keep in mind that this action depends on the virtual time of the engine's process manager so it is not advised to use this on an entity that has its time scale disabled. This will most likely change in the near future.

  • Duration - Is the amount of time in seconds the animation should take.
  • Delay - Is the amount of time in seconds the animation should wait before starting.
  • Repeat Count - The amount of times the animation should run from start to finish. Setting this value to 0 will repeat indefinitely.
  • Run To Completion - Is used to determine if the animation should be allowed to finish running even if the condition this action is under has evaluated to false. If this is unchecked animation progress will stop immediately.
  • Easing - Is the interpolation function used to calculate the interpolation path of getting to the end value.

Use the "On Complete" trigger to fire a notification or set a property when this animation is complete. This can also be used to chain animations together to run in sequence.

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