Data Container


Data Container

This component is used to define custom properties for an entity. This is a dynamic object so properties can be added during runtime or in editor. This component is used heavily to build your game.


This is pretty straight forward. Click the add button to add a new property. Double click on the name field to name the property, give it a type, and a value. You will see this component used in various tutorials to create things like dynamic list or when spawning a new entity you can copy a data components properties to the newly spawned entity. It is a good practice to set all of your changeable properties on a Data container and then pull values from it using property reference on other components. Doing it this way will provide a lot more flexibility.

Code Sample

var entity : IEntity = PBE.allocateEntity();

var props : DataComponent = new DataComponent();
props.playerName = "Player 1";
props.currentTime = 0;
props.collectedCoins = 10;
entity.addComponent(props, "Properties");

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