What Is A Spatial?


A spatial relates to, occupying, or having the character of space. It pretty much defines the position and rotation of an entity. Every entity in GBS has to have a Spatial Component. This is handled for you automatically when you create a new entity.


As you can see it is locked. This feature may be unlocked for Pro users at some point in the future. The Spatial Component should be the component that controls a RendererComponent which displays a given image to the screen. The default spatial that is used in GBS is a Collision Spatial which manages detecting collisions and has properties that control the way an entity behaves in the physics engine that GBS uses. You can change things like Position, Position Offset, Rotation, Scale, Linear Velocity, Friction, Bounciness, etc...

You will notice that when you add a Renderer Component of any kind to an entity it will have a section called "Spatial Properties" in the properties panel where you can select the Controlling Spatial. This is important because if you don't assign a spatial the image won't move unless you manually set the position properties on the renderer. By having a controlling spatial, the position properties of the renderer are overriden by the values of the Spatial Component.

Renderer Spatial Properties


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