Installing GameBuilder Studio On A Mac

Updated On: March 27, 2013

GameBuilder Studio (GBS) is an Adobe AIR application wrapped in native installers. You will need to download the ".DMG" file for Mac from either your dashboard or the download section of the website.

Downloading GBS

Downloading GBS

First step is logging into the beta site and downloading GBS. Once you have the file downloaded you will need to download and install Java first if you are running Mac OS version 10.7 or newer. Skip the next step if you are not because Java comes bundled with the Mac OS software already.

Installing The Java Runtime

The Java runtime needs to be installed for GBS to work. This is normally a seamless hidden process but Apple decided to exclude java from the default installation of Mac OS. Download it from here and install the downloaded file.

Once the java runtime files have been unpackaged and installed you can begin installation of GBS.

Double Click Install File

Once you have the file downloaded double click the file and you should see the OS start to un-pack the file and mount it as a hard drive in Finder.

Installation Of GBS

Installation Of GBS

GBS requires the Adobe AIR runtime. If you don't have it installed already the installer should try to install it for you. Double click the install file in the newly mounted finder window and wait for Adobe AIR to begin installation. If you have a version of GBS installed already it will ask you if you want to uninstall or replace the current version.

You will be prompted with a warning if its the first time you are opening the .dmg file after downloading and you haven't disabled the warning on your machine yet. Just click "Open"

Choose the location of the installation and click continue. We do not have our install files signed by an official signing authority so you will see a message about that but just keep going.

Setup Screen

Setup Screen

Once the editor is installed it will open up and present a setup wizard with a license agreement that you must agree to. Once you have agreed it will ask for your license key. Once your key is validated it will begin its internal setup on your machine. Once the setup has completed successfully you can begin making games!

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