BigDB: Saving Game Data


Saving data to the server database is very easy. Create your table in your online multiplayer account then use the name of the table with the Multiplayer Storage Action in GBs. The Multiplayer Storage action is very useful for saving data about your game that needs to exist even after the player has left your game.

A good example of this is to save progress. If your player has earned or paid for 100 points you want to make sure that information is consistent the next time they come back to play your game.

Save To DB


The Storage action is a dual purpose action you can either save or load a property from the database. All database table entries using this Storage action are keyed by the connected player's username.

**Note: Very soon you will be able to load a list of properties from a table by passing it a Data Container reference with properties on it.

Load From DB


When the property is loaded from the database it can be set on a property anywhere in your game via a Property Reference.

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