Multiplayer: Setting Up A Game Server

A multiplayer game requires a server to communicate between multiple player clients. This usually requires a lot of server side work with duplicate game logic on the server side to prevent cheating. For this example we have have setup and provided a basic multiplayer server which is pretty much a "bounce server" that handles connecting players to a shared game room and sending messages to each player. You can always learn C# and edit the game server code or hire a developer to expand upon the game server we have provided later.

Create Game


Once you have created an account login to the service and click on the "Create Game" tab on the left side and give your game a name on the server. Player.IO handles all of the server side requirements for your game.

Get The GameID


Once your game is created copy your Game ID because you will use this in GBS later to reference which game you want to connect to.

Upload Basic Game Server Code


Click the "Upload Game Code" button to upload the provided game server "DefaultMPGameServer.dll" file that comes with the plugin. There are also two other server types. A match making, and turn based game server are included.


Now that the basic multiplayer server code is upload you can begin to create multiplayer games with GBS. Remember the name of the game server type is "DefaultMPGameServer", you will reference this in your GBs game project later. You will need to register at least two user accounts with your game before you can test.

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