iOS: Setting Up Purchasable Products in iTunes Connect

Prerequisite: iOS: Pre-Setup Before Testing In-App Purchases

For players to buy something from your game the item needs to be setup ahead of time on Apples' servers. There are two types of products that can be used, consumable and non-consumable. Non-consumable products are one time purchases and consumable products can be purchased more than once. Only non-consumable products will be restored whenever you make a restore purchases request to the Apple servers. This works differently on Android.

Adding Products to iTunes

Adding Products to iTunes

On the Manage Your Apps screen, click your app, and then click the Manage In-App Purchases button.


On the next screen click the Create New button at the top left hand corner to add products to the application that you just setup.

Select the type of In-App Purchase you are creating from Consumable, Non-Consumable. Subscriptions are not currently supported by this plugin. Read the descriptions on this page for better information. Essentially, consumable items are things like magic spells that can be used up. Non-consumable items are permanent features, like level packs are full game unlocks.


On the next screen, type a Reference name and a product ID for the In-App Purchase. For Product ID, use Apple's recommended scheme of BundleID.productID; for example, if your bundle ID is com.yourcompanysite.yourappname, you might type com.yourcompanyname.yourappname.LevelPack as the Product ID of your level pack product.

**Note: It is a great practice to use the same product ID when setting up products for iOS and for Android if your game is intended to be shipped for both platforms.

Click Add Language and add at least one language definition. Type in a Display Name (the name of the In-App Purchase that users will see) and a description (this will be used by Apple during the review process and visible to end users when your app is published).

For Pricing and Availability, set Cleared for Sale to Yes. For Price Tier, select the cost of the item. (Click View Pricing Matrix for details.)

For the screenshot, upload an image of your product in action. This is not shown to users, but is meant for Apple's review team to get an idea of what the product is supposed to do. You can upload a placeholder image for now.

Repeat the process for each In-App Purchase you want to add. When you're finished, click Save. Make a note of the Product IDs of all your In-App Purchases; you will need them in your application. Click Done.

Adding Test Users

Adding Test Users

**Note: In-App purchases will not work if you are logged into your iOS device using the same email address used to create your app on the iOS dev center. You need to add test emails and switch to that account on your iOS Device. Any purchases made using the test account will not actually be charged to your account.

Go back to the iTunes Connect main screen and click the Manage Users section. It will ask you if you want to create an iTunes User or a test user. Click the Test User icon. Then click the Add New User button at the top left hand corner of the screen.

You're now ready to begin using the iOS In-App Purchase action in your game!

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