Developers - Get information on the underlying game engine.

Game Engine Documentation

Documentation for GameBuilder Studio can be found in the Documentation section of our site. There is also a section in the docs that is all about the game engine and how it works. Our engine is opensource so you can take the engine and alter it to suite your needs if you want or you can just write plugins and share your enhancements with the rest of the community.

Open Source Game Engine

GameBuilder Studio is built on top of a fork of an open source game engine known as PushButton Engine (PBE). PushButton Engine has been used by a number of well known game companies, including Zynga, and Disney's Playdom. We've added a number of enhancements such as dynamic expressions, caching, increased entity spawning speed by 200% using entity callbacks, and hardware acceleration for native mobile platforms.

Source Code (Git Repository)

You can find the source code for our version of the game engine on github.

GameBuilder SDK

GameBuilder Studio has an SDK for you to code against that will allow you to write custom layers ontop of our visual tool. You will need to know AS3 and a bit of Adobe Flex to do so. Go Through the "Creating Your First Plugin" tutorial to get started developing.

Setting Up Your Environment
Building Your First Plugin
Setting Up Your Plugin Descriptor

You can download the required SDKs from the download section of your beta dashboard once you have access to the beta.