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Suggestions for the "non-technically" inclined:

Spread The Word

Become a platform evangelist. Send some invites out to your friends that may be interested in trying GameBuilder Studio. Tell people how much it has helped you. You could also host a meetup or hackathon to spread the word. We would love to support any of these efforts so please let us no if you put something together. We will spread the word as well.

Provide Feedback

After you have had a chance to try GameBuilder Studio provide some feedback. Did you find the tool easy to use? What areas can we improve the product? What was missing that you needed?
You can provide feedback by posting your thoughts to our support site or just email us directly at

Write A Tutorial

Once you've had a chance to use GameBuilder Studio, write an article or tutorial to share your work or some tips and tricks. You can post your tutorial on a third party site or you can post to the tutorial section of our site or the "Tips & Tricks" section of the support site.

First Things First

Documentation for GameBuilder Studio can be found in the documentation section of our site at: The zendesk support site is a live documentation site that will be updated on the fly. As a member of the GameBuilder community you can contribute to the support site by writing articles, helping to answer community questions, and reporting issues to be fixed.