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There are a number of ways you can participate in the gamebuilder community. Join the conversation on all the social networks Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Online Marketplace

Coming Soon...

Interested In Publishing Game Content?

We are looking for potential publishers of content to add to our marketplace at launch. We are looking for game artist, plugin developers, sound engineers, etc. If you are interested make sure to contact us with the subject line: "RE: Marketplace Contributor"

Share Your Knowledge

If you are a pro user of GBS and you have some tips and tricks that you would like to share. Post them on our Tips & Tricks section of the support site. GameBuilder Studio was built with the belief that if everyone in the community contributes their skills and expertise, we can build a vibrant ecosystem for creating sophisticated 2D games. If you are a developer teach others how to setup custom character movement. If you are an artist show other gamebuilders how to animate their characters.