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Posted on June 21, 2013

We want to encourage more engagement from the GameBuilder community so there has been a switch to a more community driven forum where anyone can start a discussion and ask questions. There are features such as, private messaging, referencing other members by name using "@" symbol, per topic following, and the ability to set custom notifications based on what you want to be notified of. Pro plan subscription customers will have access to private PRO only discussions on this forum as well.

Logging Into The Support Forum


The support forum login is tied directly to your credentials. Once you login to your GameBuilder account dashboard you will be automagically logged into the support forum upon visiting the support site. If you end up going to the support site first before logging in just click the "Sign In With GameBuilder" link.

Starting A Discussion


Any logged in user can start a new discussion/topic. Each discussion is a new topic on the forum with its own page and comment stream. You can tag discussions, attach images, and follow other discussions. All discussions will be moderated so please try to start discussions in relevant categories. Search for your topic or an existing answer before starting a new discussion to minimize duplicate content. Sharing of external links to other third party sites, profane language, and off topic non-productive arguments will not be permitted. Flag any content that you feel is unnecessary.

Following Interesting Discussions/Topics


When there is a discussion / topic that interest you, enable the follow discussion setting by click the star icon at the top of the discussion page. Notifications for things like discussion updates and comments on discussions can be set by going to your forum profile page by click on your name after logging in.


Click the "My Preferences" link to open up your notification settings to enable or disable both popup notifications while you are logged into the forum and/or email notifications sent directly to your inbox. If you do not receive notifications after turning these settings on, please let us know.

Voting Up Topics


Help important and meaningful discussion bubble to the top by voting them up. Just click the up or down arrow to the left of a discussion.

Communicating With Other Forum Users


There are multiple ways to communicate with other forum users. Checkout the activity stream and leave a comment based on another users' activity.

**Note: In order to communicate with other users you have to be logged in first.


Leave a comment at the bottom of a discussion and reference another user directly by name similar to twitter using the "@" symbol. ( i.e. "@Lavon welcome aboard" ). Another way is by sending a private message.

Sending Private Messages


Click on a users' name and you will be taken to the user profile screen. Click the "Send a Message" link to start a private conversation with that user.

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