Star Guardians Multiplayer Game In Development

Posted on May 1, 2013

We have some news about an upcoming game being released using the GameBuilder Studio platform. Development is coming to a releasable beta that we will share more information about once we can. Here is what I can share.


Star Guardians is an upcoming browser based multiplayer virtual world online game for 6 to 12 year olds with a focus on a deep narrative and characters. Players will play as Male/Female humans, male Romogs (Monkey Bear creatures from Kinji), and female ZeeZees (Fairy butterfly creatures). Game play revolves around quests, mini games, spaceship combat, and spaceship racing. Visit to sign-up for updates on the game.

Star Guardians In GameBuilder Studio


We were approached by the Star Team to help build Star Guardians. They have a team full of talented designers/artists and GameBuilder Studio was able to provide the technical support needed to put their game together. This is a great scenario for the use of GameBuilder Studio because it really shines in designer developer teams. Even though non-technical users can utilize the tool to put together a game there will always come a point in time where you will want to use code in some aspect of your game to take it to the next level. GameBuilder Studio is similar to Unity in this aspect because everything runs off of a compiler. Writing code in whatever existing editor you want and seeing the changes reflected when running your game from the GameBuilder Studio editor allows for full customization of your game. The game code that is both generated from GameBuilder Studio and any custom hand written layers are both easily version controlled to have a distributed game code base for the whole team to work on. Keep in mind that working on the actual editor project file all at the same time isn't advised but you can develop levels in separate projects and import them all into a final project later on.

"We extensively compared the vast array of game engines out there before selecting GameBuilder Studio. The powerful functionality of GBS is combined with an incredible ease of use. GBS has greatly simplified the development process for us, which has allowed our team to focus on the gameplay, story, and art of Star Guardians."

- Brad Jashinsky, Producer, Star Guardians

Star Guardians In Editor


Third Party Services Used

There were a number of pre-existing services used such as Player.IO for the multiplayer and chat portions of the game. For the casual game mechanics, tasks, consumable items, achievements, and leaderboards we used a really great service called Roar Engine. Plugins were developed for both services and made available to the Star Team of designers to put together the core game mechanics of Star Guardians. The great news is those plugins will be made available to the whole GameBuilder community for purchase via the GameBuilder Marketplace.

Player.IO is probably the easiest way to get player registration, online data storage, and multiplayer functionality into your game. In the Player.IO plugin you will find a sample bounce server file to get you started using the Player.IO service. If you want to do any professional level real time multiplayer games just write your own multiplayer server code in C#. There will be documentation on uploading the server file, setting up registration forms, login forms, and connecting to multiplayer rooms within GameBuilder Studio using components and actions. Best of all Player.IO lets you get up and running for free and can scale with your game if it takes off :)

Roar Engine is really great at setting up all the game mechanics that define how your game works. There is an online admin tool for defining all your game objects, properties, tasks, rewards, achievements, etc. There is also an online console to quickly make calls to your game and debug the game you setup on their servers even before using the Roar Engine actions in GameBuilder Studio. If you have ever played casual games like Zynga's Farmville or Clash of Clans where you can plant things or start building forts and come back later to check the progress or get awarded energy for successfully completing tasks all of that can be setup using a service like Roar Engine. The Roar servers validate conditions that you setup on tasks that you execute by making server calls. The server will check those conditions and respond with a success or failure. Based on the response you can allow progress in the game or award something to the player of the game. Setting all this up on your own requires complex server technology knowledge and a lot of time. Just use Roar Engine and make your life easier. All API features are not supported in the initial plugin but will be integrated over time. Once again Roar offers a free account to get you up and running and only starts charging once your game starts gaining a lot of users.

If you would also like GameBuilder to provide support during development of your game we can provide technical support to your team and help you get the most out of the tool. We can facilitate any custom integrations and prioritize any needed feature additions. Contact us @ support [a]

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