Facebook Integration with Tiled Map Support & More Bug Fixes in v0.9.9

Posted on May 2, 2016

GameBuilder Studio continues to increase in visibility and usage in the game industry and amongst college game design programs. We are in the process of creating first party games which will be released on both iOS and Android app stores. This release addresses some major stability issues and fixed some key bugs in the editor and in the GameBuilder engine. If you have been following the GameBuilder Youtube channel you will notice a focus on creating more content covering how to use GameBuilder Studio. The pricing model is also changing. Very soon there will be a new monthly subscription option for PRO licenses and the one-time version purchase price will change. Check out the details below on the latest features.

Facebook Plugin Integration

Facebook Plugin

You now have the ability to authenticate users of your game via their Facebook account. This plugin provides user authentication, permission management, and graph api calls to pull information about friends, profile photos, email info, etc. Only the user's' friends that are using your app will show up in the friends list via the graph api response. There is a video tutorial series being created on using this plugin with backend services like Playfab.

Tiled Map Support

Tiled Map Support

Creating your tiled 2D worlds and backgrounds has become even easier with the new support for Tiled maps exported from the free Tiled editor. Each tile map imported into GameBuilder Studio is just treated as a flat image. Rendering is efficient because the entire image is composed of small tiles to make the larger image. We also allow you to define collision shapes and their properties inside of the Tiled editor which GameBuilder Studio will populate at runtime. View the video tutorial on this feature.

Path Finding Support

Path Finding

Finding the fastest route from point A to point B in a scene of obstacles requires an algorithm. We have introduced a new pathfinding component that uses a very fast algorithm to search the scene for Spatials of a given type and coming up with a path around those obstacles for your object to move along. Once the path is found you can trigger the Move Along path action to move your object to the destination. This can be used for games like Clash of Clans Clash Royale game.

More Collision Detection Information

Now you have a lot more information available to you when a collision happens. There is a new "CurrentCollisionData" property available to expressions which will have information about the Spatial you are colliding with as well as the point of collision. You can use this to check properties on the entity you are colliding with or filter out collisions to only happen with certain body parts of an enemy objects for example. This is a very powerful feature. View the video tutorial on this.

User Published Game

Pow Pow Friends

Checkout this wonderful Android game created by a first time user of GameBuilder Studio. It's a fun take on our Hungry Hero tutorial. The game is called PowPow Friends

If you have also created a game or currently working on a game with GameBuilder Studio please let us know. We would love to feature your game.

Release Notes v0.9.9


  • Upgraded To Flash Player / Adobe AIR 21.0 For Web Deployments.
  • Upgraded To Adobe AIR 22.0 Beta For Mobile Deployments to fix iOS App Store build for submission.
  • Upgraded Rendering engine to Starling v1.7.
  • Upgraded Spine Animation Runtime to latest v3.0 (AS3 Runtime)
  • Released PathFinder plugin.
  • Released Facebook Plugin.
  • Added Support for All iPhone & iPad splash screen sizes.
  • Added x86 Android device support. Re-download android based plugins to publish to x86 based devices.
  • Added Launch screen size settings to publish settings window to simulate a target device size. (Toggle Landscape or Portrait).
  • Added "Run In Background" setting to Android and IOS settings to change how your app runs on devices when sent to the background.
  • Added Exit App action to force close your application at runtime.
  • Added Recent Projects list to application menu.
  • Added Collision data to new Global property called "Game.CurrentCollisionData". The properties available are "colliderEntityName", "colliderSpatial", "collisionNormal", and "collisionPoint".
  • Added Tiled Map editor support. Import and render your tile maps using the native .tmx tile map files from the Tiled editor.
  • Added Preview Image window to sprite sheet properties panel.
  • Added On Complete trigger to Play Sound action
  • Added Multi-selection of scene objects from layers panel.
  • Re-arranged text renderer properties and disabled display of font sheet selection when text type is changed to "Input".
  • Re-factored how ITriggerComponents call "Continuos (Every Tick)" actions. This is needed for nested continuos actions to be triggered by the engine's process manager.
  • Code Signed our installation files now to prevent security warnings.

Most Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed display of actions in a list in the Group actions properties window.
  • Fixed jitter on Move Toward action when stop distance is set to 0.
  • Fixed Object type selection in Basic Spatial properties panel.
  • Fixed Null error when trying to add multi-resolution images at different scales in assets panel before saving a new project.
  • Fixed Text renderer input alignment when using multi-resolution scaling.
  • Fixed Error handling for incorrectly formated MP3 audio files.
  • Fixed Chartboost Plugin to compile for 64bit iOS devices. x86 Android device Support is still pending.
  • Fixed Sizing of Group Actions properties window on initial open when there are pre-existing saved actions in the list.
  • Fixed A null error when opening iAd action properties window.
  • Fixed Spawn Entity action to properly name newly created entities when a custom name value is used.
  • Fixed recent projects throwing error on re-opening of projects.
  • Fixed Mouse down triggering of stacked elements both in the editor and final game.
  • Fixed Stopping of sounds played using Play Sound action when changing levels.
  • Fixed Object layer visibility and lock synching when reparenting layers to other scene layers with different visibility and lock settings.
  • Fixed Deletion of audio and data asset files from the assets panel.
  • Fixed Deleting of assets under the project root folder but outside of the "resources" folder when deleted from the assets panel in the editor.

Known Issues

  • The debug layer in final game output is mis-aligned after switching levels. Works on initial load of a level.
  • No undo/redo in Assets panel, Action properties, or Template tab.
  • No undo/redo when importing external projects.
  • Conditions on a Rules component are not sortable.
  • You can not use objects with the same name in a different level. Requires renaming of entities.

Whats Next?

  • Game Center / Google Play Plugin (iOS & Android)
  • Persistent Entities (Cross Level Entity Library)
  • External Resource Bundles
  • Filters / Renderer Masking (Clipping)

Thanks for reading this blog post. Spread the word!


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4 years ago
hi! I've a doubt...

On my LG G4, PowPow Friends hides right, bottom and left zones of main menu screen (with black zones) and touch areas not correspond with underlying image... in game screen, the screen go to upper left corner of display and right and bottom zones become gray...

the game have some small lags...

are these specific game problems, or are all games realized with GBS affected by these problems?

thanks a lot for any replies
4 years ago
sounds good
3 years ago
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