Chartboost Video Ads Setup And Testing

Posted on May 22, 2015

The new Chartboost plugin (v2.0) introduces the ability to display Reward Videos. You can now play a video ad for your players and reward them on successful completion of the video. It is also now iOS 64 bit compatible. There are a number of configuration steps required before you can see ads on your test device. Keep in mind that any settings changes made on the Chartboost site will take about 30 minutes to take effect so be patient when making changes.

Setting Up Your App For Testing

Setting Up A Chartboost App For Testing

Add an app to your chartboost account and make sure it is in "Test Mode". If you are deploying your game to both iOS and Android create a separate app for each platform. You can use the same app id for both platforms. The App bundle ID should match the bundle Id property you are using inside of the publish settings window in GameBuilder Studio.

GameBuilder Adobe AIR Package Bundle Id
Chartboost App Settings

Once you have created your app open the basic settings section to retrieve your App ID and App Signature keys. These two values will be used to place inside the Chartboost action in your GameBuilder project.

Chartboost Action Properties

GameBuilder Chartboost Action Properties

Once you have your app setup on the Chartboost website and you have your app Id and app signature you are ready to trigger a Chartboost action. The App ID is the App Key and the App Signature is the Signature Key in the action properties window. Everything is pretty straight forward you can trigger different actions when the video ad is shown, when it is complete, when its closed by the user, etc. A good practice is to pause your game on display of the ad and un-pause when the user closes or dismisses the ad.

While your app is in the "Test Mode" all ads will be test ads. Once you are ready to turn on real ads for a final release you will need to create a publishing campaign on the Chartboost app and disable the test mode. Remember that any configuration changes to your app on the Chartboost site will take 30 minutes plus to take effect on your device.

Chartboost Plugin Upgrade Process

Update: The process below is no longer necessary with the latest version of GBs. Just copy your plugin to the GameBuilderStudio/plugins folder under the current users' documents folder and run GBs. It will handle the upgrade for you.

Currently the plugin upgrade process is not built into GBs so you will need to manually clear the old plugin before installing this new plugin. There is an Adobe Native Extension file in the app's storage location where the native mobile device code is extracted to on your machine for the Chartboost plugin to work on mobile devices. This file is located in either

/Users/[CURRENTUSER]/Library/Application Support/GameBuilderStudio/Local Store/compiler/libs/ANE/Chartboost.ane

on Macs or

C:\Users\[CURRENTUSER]\AppData\Roaming\GameBuilderStudio\Local Store\compiler\libs\Chartboost.ane

on Windows machines. Delete that file and also remove or overwrite the old Chartboost.swc plugin file from your GameBuilderStudio/Plugins folder located in your home directory with this new plugin file. Restart GameBuilder Studio and you should be good to go.

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