GameBuilder Studio In 2013, What's Next?

Posted on February 5, 2013

Happy New Year GameBuilders,

2012 for GameBuilder Studio (GBS) was a quiet period. We laid a new foundation in the underlying game engine building in a faster rendering engine, new physics engine, and much more. 2013 is the year of acceleration for GBS. We're glad to announce that GBS now runs really fast across all recent major desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Performance is key for any game engine and we did not want to put out something that was not at an industry standard level. With that said the wait is over. In 2013 GBS will be working towards developing a vibrant marketplace and platform that reduces a lot of the re-inventing of the wheel when it comes to developing games by letting people share, collaborate, and make better games faster.

What's next?

GBS is on its way to a v1.0 public release but in the meantime there will be a few more private beta releases sent out. If you were on the beta waiting list prior to today (2.4.2013) you will be getting an email with your beta key shortly.

GBS still needs to be polished. There will be a focus on improving the usability of the tool as well as building and adding content to the GBS Marketplace. Look forward to GBS Google+ hangouts to discuss and work on games live. You may even see us at your local gam jam working on a GBS game this year. In the coming months there will be a number of new integrations into GBS such as 2D Biped animated character importers, cross-platform publishing from one game project, pre-defined UI components, and much more. GBS is now able to publish your finished game directly to Web, iOS, and Android. Blackberry 10, Kindle Fire, Facebook, GameBuilder Cloud Arcade, and Ouya console game deployment is already in the works for the beginning of 2013! Publishing requires a pro license upgrade that you will be able to purchase on our site at an early supporter price in the next couple of days.

Some first party plugins have been created and integrated into GBS by us. The platformer plugin is already included in the new build for free; it provides pre-defined components to quickly get a platformer style game up and running similar to mario brothers. There is also a multiplayer plugin that leverages the Player.IO service to enable the creation of multiplayer games and online data storage to persist game data. More information on both plugins will follow.

Stay tuned for the new version (v0.6) of GameBuilder Studio; Its on the way...

See What's New In v0.6

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