Accelerometer Support, More Actions, iAds and Chartboost Plugins Released with v0.9.3

Posted on March 18, 2014

One of our goals is to make sure you guys can monetize your GameBuilder Studio games. With this release there is now a new iAd plugin (iOS only) and Chartboost plugin (iOS & Android). These are both PRO only plugins. It couldn't be any simpler to integrate these ads into your game just setup accounts on the Chartboost site or turn on iAds for your game in iTunes connect and trigger the Chartboost or iAd actions in your game and watch the money role into your bank accounts.

Accelerometer data is now available via expressions or property references to detect the orientation of a mobile device. There are also a number of new actions. The GoTo URL action, for opening a web url, and the Group action, for triggering multiple actions when there is only one action slot available. This could be used to loop through data in a List component using a timer action by increasing a custom loop count property on the same entity and using that value to read each entry on the List component sequentially.

Accelerometer Support

Accelerometer Support IMAGE

Accelerometer data can be accessed via an expression (Game.Accelerometer.x) or a property reference (#Game.Accelerometer.x). This information can be used in many useful ways. Detecting the rotation of a mobile device and applying it to an object in your game is really easy. Here is an expression that will give you a rotation value in degrees based on the orientation of your device:

round(( atan2(Game.Accelerometer.y, Game.Accelerometer.x) * (180 / PI) ) - 90)

0 degrees indicates that the device is upright facing you. This takes into account the Portrait/Landscape orientation settings defined in the publish settings window.

iAd Plugin

iAds Plugin IMAGE

Use the Apple advertising network to display banner ads in your game if you are using a freemium model. This method of monetization was the singular method used by the hit Flappy Bird game to make 70K per day in revenue. The more eyeballs that see your game or the more frequent players play your game the more money you make.

This plugin only works on iOS and supports banners and interstitials. You must make sure you have an internet connection to test this plugin on your device. Full screen interstitials are only supported on iPad and may not show up sometimes do to the fill rate of interstitial ads on the iAd network. Once your game is ready to go to market you will need to turn on iAds. There is a good tutorial showing how to turn on iAds in iTunes Connect. It is a very good practice to pause the game before displaying ads to help with performance. The iAd plugin is free for PRO users and it comes bundled with the PRO version of GameBuilder Studio.

Chartboost Plugin

Chartboost Plugin IMAGE

Chartboost is another advertising network that provides both an integrated full page of other third party games/apps as well as a fully customizable interstitial ad. You can define the frame/border around the interstitial ad and the image used for the close icon. Chartboost works on both iOS and Android devices. You can interchange multiple ad networks in the same game by firing another ad action if one ad fails or just alternate ads to display at different times during the gameplay.

You will need to create a chartboost account (, setup an app, and retrieve your signing keys to test this ad network on your device. Make sure to enable testing in the application settings on the Chartboost site. The Chartboost Plugin is a PRO only plugin and can be purchased on our marketplace. PRO plan subscribers get this plugin for free.

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Release Notes v0.9.3


  • Released advertising plugins Chartboost & iAd (PRO only)
  • Added Accelerometer data to expressions and property references.
  • Added Scene container and scene layer removal.
  • Added Undo/Redo to scene container and scene layer creation.
  • Added Undo/Redo support for layer reordering, re-parenting, and locking.
  • Added Multiple object copying and pasting.
  • Added Additional configuration options for iOS & Android mobile platforms to the PluginConfig.xml settings files.
  • Added GoTo Url action (Used to open a website or navigate to a link).
  • Added Sorting to actions list on the Rules component and State Logic component.
  • Added Level Sorting and renaming to the new Levels tab.
  • Added Group action to trigger multiple actions when only one action slot is available.

Most Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Sorting bug in layers panel when dragging objects between scene layers.
  • Fixed Null error when saving actions with original name.
  • Fixed Plugin loading to filter out duplicate plugins and skip incorrectly configured plugins.
  • Fixed Clearing of undo/redo when loading and canceling a project or canceling the creation of a new game.
  • Fixed Undo/Redo when adding and changing the current action in an action list.
  • Fixed Clearing of registration point indicator while object is selected.
  • Fixed Clearing of project before checking project dependencies

Known Issues

  • No undo/redo in Assets panel, Action properties, or Template tab
  • No undo/redo when importing external projects
  • No undo/redo when importing external projects
  • Blend Modes do not work correctly in final game.

Whats Next?

  • Admob Plugin
  • In-App Purchase Plugin (iOS & Android)
  • Game Center Plugin
  • Particle engine Integration
  • Isometric Grid Component & Path Finding Support
  • Facebook Plugin Integration

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