A Visual Developer Workflow Using GBS

Posted on November 5, 2011

In the last post i showed how to create a game with GameBuilder Studio (GBS) without writing one line of code. Now, the beauty of GBS is the fact that we are lowering the barrier by removing a lot of the technical challenges involved with building a game, however we wanted to make sure that we build a tool that developers could also leverage allowing them to write completely custom code in a number of ways. You can build your own custom plugin and you can write custom code on top of the exported GBS project for a seamless integration. I explain this workflow in the video above.

If you are not familiar with the underlying open source game engine (GameBuilder engine source) that GBS is built on top of please visit the support site and review the video tutorials under, "Understanding The Underlying Game Engine"

Currently the screen management and ui controls are not built into GBS, its currently being worked on. So for those that are not developers don't worry you will be able to add touch interface controls and manage the screen flow of your game very soon.

A Visual Developer Workflow Using GBS from Lavon Woods on Vimeo.

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